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Customised Moisturiser, made for you

Our Sjú Moisturiser is tailored to the needs of each customer and therefore bespoke to your skin. Your Day & Night Moisturiser is formulated with premium ingredients, combining the best natural botanicals together with innovative scientific know-how.

Paraben free
animial friendly
Not tested on animals


50 ml


Day & Night



Essential Skincare

Your Day & Night Moisturiser will be formulated from a base cream, bespoke to your skin type, before being blended with special active ingredients as chosen by our skincare experts to meet your skin's own individual needs. As the ingredients are completely unique to your skin, a full inkey list is available after your analysis.

Our innovative airless glass bottle makes sure that you get every last drop out of your moisturiser, whilst naturally preserving the formula in an air-tight chamber. There's a subtle fragrance, but as we're a skincare first brand, no harsh perfumes are added into our products.

…and don't worry, none of our products are tested on animals.



Try your Customised Moisturiser

Our Sjú Starter Set allows you to test your Sjú Products for about 2 weeks, and see a real difference on your skin. Afterwards you have the option to tweak your formula, or buy the Full Product.

Customised Moisturiser


starter size

no glass

Sun Protection with added Anti Pollution


starter size

no glass

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UV Protection

Our UV formulas compliment your bespoke moisturiser, offering both UV and pollution protection.

Sju UV Protection

UV Sun Protection

£ 39.00

SPF 30
UVA/UVB Filter

Works with your bespoke moisturiser to protect your skin


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Active Ingredients Serums

Give your skin an extra added boost. Our serums work together with your personalised moisturiser to nourish and hydrate thirsty skin.

Rejuvenating Serum


Give your skin a daily boost of hydration


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Eye Serum

Hydrating and Firming Eye Serum


For a wide-awake eye look, every single day


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Revitalising Serum


Skincare that gets to work whilst you sleep


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