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Our Story


Our story

A new perspective on skincare

Sjú is a new perspective on skincare – high quality, high touch, and highly personalised. We are a small, yet ambitious company, created by women for women in partnership with Swiss biochemists and biotechnologists, each experts in their fields. Our vision is for women to feel amazing in their own skin.


Expert advice at your fingertips

With Sjú, we created a modern brand that brings the best of Mibelle Biochemistry’s award-winning ingredients into a premium skincare line. In an easy online process Sjú makes professional skincare advice accessible to everyone at any time.



Our founder story

We — a group of women from inside the beauty industry – got together and decided that time was up. That it was time for people to stop endlessly searching for the ‘right’ product. Time has come for products to respond to women and their changing needs.

Like most women, we had bathrooms bulging with products that promised us the world and delivered not very much; we had been made to feel like we needed a masters in biochemistry just to pick a moisturiser; and we’d been let down by our favourite ‘holy grail’ products that suddenly stopped working when the sun came out, or we turned 40 or we had a kid. For something that was meant to be about taking care of ourselves, it felt exhausting.

Unlike most women, we were in a unique position to take a stand and make change happen. Our jobs at a leading cosmetics manufacturer gave us access to some of Switzerland’s award winning ingredients as well as experts in their fields which enabled us to imagine a future where skincare could be simple and straightforward as well as personalised and effective. We saw an opportunity to do something different, and we took it.


Smarter skincare, uniquely tailored to you

Sjú will be starting small by launching with a Personalised Day & Night Moisturiser containing active ingredients tailored to you and an UV Sun Protector with Anti-Pollution effects. All Sjú customers will benefit from regular, high touch consultations with an expert to ensure they are using the correct blend of actives that’s always right for them and their skin.

And the best thing about it – Sjú changes with you. Just let us know what has changed before you re-order and our experts will analyse and change your personalised product.

We’re thrilled and look forward to meeting women where they are, making them part of the journey as we realise our vision for women to feel amazing in their own skin.


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