Personalised skincare made for living

Your skin changes over time.
What if your skincare did too?

Sjú is a skincare range that is formulated for you.
So when life changes, your formulation changes too.

Online skin consultation and bespoke products

Your skin is beautifully unique, just like you. Our skincare experts analyse your skin and prepare a Face Cream that is bespoke to your skin's needs. We'll also help you understand your skin and all the factors that affect it.

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tailored for you

Your Personalised Face Cream is at the heart of your Sjú set. It’s carefully formulated to give your skin exactly what it needs, right now. Transparency about our premium ingredients is important to us, that’s why those are explained in your personal recommendation.

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Adapt your formula to you

Busy time at work or recently pregnant? Your skin will tell your story.
Keep in touch and let us know when things change and we'll adjust your skincare formula.

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Need a boost or
extra protection?

Add a layer of defense to your face cream with our UV Sun Protector or replenish your moisture with an Active Serum.

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How SJÚ works

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1. Getting to know you

Answer some questions to help us get to know your skin, lifestyle and environment. Share a simple picture with us so we can complete a holistic analysis and find out what skincare is right for you.

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2. Your skin analysis

Our skincare experts get back to you with your skin analysis and a face cream formulation that is carefully adapted to meet the needs of your skin. Learn also about the premium ingredients of your bespoke face cream.

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3. Order your personalised set

Time to test it out. Order your Sjú Starter Set for £39 and receive 15ml of your personalised face cream and 10ml sun protection.

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What our clients say

„Uploading my picture felt like the most awkward thing - but the result was definitely worth it!“
Emily, Birmingham

Swiss excellence

Made by scientists
inspired by life

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Sjú is made by scientists and inspired by life. Sjú aims to empower women to feel confident in their own skin. We combine intuitive technology with our skincare expertise and premium ingredients from our partners Mibelle Biochemistry.

Being open and transparent is very important to us. We detail every ingredient that goes into our products. We’re more than happy to tell you why we believe our products are right for your skin and you can contact one of our skincare experts at anytime.

By the way, we would never, and will never test our products or ingredients on animals.

Expert care, simple process

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Sjú Starter Set

Order a Sjú Starter Set for £39 and test a 15 ml sample of your Personalised Face Cream along with 10 ml of our UV Sun Protector.

Face cream formulated for you”: “Personalised skin care product, Sjú Face cream, image

Face cream formulated for you

We hope Sjú works perfectly for you. After your trial you can order a 50ml size of the same formula or we can adapt the formulation with your feedback.

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UV Sun Protection with Anti Pollution

Our 30ml Sun Protector is vital for a well-balanced daily skincare routine. With SPF 30 and UVA/UVB filters it will defend your skin from sun damage and neutralise free radicals.
The product also contains a natural extract which shields the skin from the ageing effect of urban pollution by activating your skin's detox system.

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Rejuvenate Day Serum

Our Rejuvenate Day Serum 15ml gives your skin a moisture boost that will leave your skin smooth and hydrated. The serum contains active ingredients will help push back against the signs of ageing by improving the skin’s firmness and elasticity with its unique lifting effect. The serum also helps protect against light induced skin ageing for you to maintain a youthful and fresh complexion.

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Revitalise Night Serum

Our Revitalise Night Serum 15ml accelerates the skin’s tissue repair and stimulates cell renewal. The serum is designed to help improve the skin’s firmness and elasticity. In the morning, your skin will appear relaxed and smooth with fewer lines and wrinkles and a more youthful complexion.

Hydrating and Firming Eye Serum, eye serum, hydrating, anti aging, SJU skincare, image

Hydrating and Firming Eye Serum

Our Hydrating and Firming Eye Serum 15ml supplies your eye area with intense hydration and immediately helps to balance any fine dehydration lines. The serum will visibly reduce the main problems in this delicate area that make you look tired: blemishes, dark circles and lines. The serum boosts skin firmness, elasticity and smoothness giving you a smoother, more youthful and vibrant look.

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Active Ingredient Serums Set

Complement your Personalised Face Cream with the perfect add ons and order all our active ingredient serums in a combined set for extra nourishment.

Rejuvenate Day Serum (15ml)
Revitalise Night Serum (15ml)
Hydrating and Firming Eye Serum (15ml)


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